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On a per person basis, Americans ate more pork than the Chinese until 1997, when the lines crossed and China pushed ahead. Over the past five years, per capita pork consumption in the United States has fallen on average 2 percent a year, while that in China has grown by over 3 percent a year despite price increases. Now the Chinese each eat an average of 84 pounds (38 kilograms) of pork in a year, while Americans average 59 pounds.

The 21 st century is the make-or-break century for cultural and linguistic diversity, and for the future of human civilisation per se . An unprecedented and unchecked growth in the world’s population, combined with the insistence on exploiting finite resources, will lead to environmental and humanitarian catastrophes as mass urbanisation meets fundamental problems such as the lack of drinking water. The actions that we collectively take over the next fifty years will determine how and if we can overcome such global challenges, and what the shape of the ‘ethnosphere’ or ‘sum of the world’s cultures’ is to look like in years to come.

The album received largely positive reviews. Jason Heller of The . Club included it in his monthly "Loud" column.

Monoculture - The Animal EconomyMonoculture - The Animal EconomyMonoculture - The Animal EconomyMonoculture - The Animal Economy

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