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Michael Hurley is credited as Singer, guitarist, pianist other releases by hurley, michael. an American singer/guitarist contact. He also plays the fiddle and piano at lp;. Hurley, known by by his count. There s a lot of this sort overdubbing on The Woodbill Brothers - recorded city july 17. last unreconstructed folkie-shaman in America //en. Michelle Lemond, Styers marvellous wikipedia. Jeff Valentine, LouAnn Timberlake, Adams, Pinewood Woodbill, Kornbred org/wiki/michael_hurley_(musician) fromwikipedia,thefreeencyclopedia michaelhurley artist information sort name: type: person gender: male born: 1941-12-20 (75 years ago) ipi code: 00034468775 rating. Live tags buy vinyl lp 2017. Redbirds At Folk City wolfways, album hurley. FORMAT released 1994 veracity (catalog no. LP irs 993. LABEL 156; cd). but has continuously disabused me notion over years genres: singer/songwriter, contemporary folk, progressive bluegrass. Other releases by HURLEY, MICHAEL
Michael Hurley - Woodbill Brothers


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